Succession Planning

When should a board prepare its succession plan?
How does a search process work?
What does the board need in its new directors?

Hiring the next executive director or selecting a new class of directors are the biggest decisions a nonprofit board makes. What your board decides today determines much of what is possible for the next several years.

What Could Sink Us?

Young Hornblower did everything right — given what he knew. But he failed to get the key piece of data that might have saved his ship.

3 Reasons to Extend the Terms of Board Members

Rare as the need may be, here are three reasons to extend the terms of board members.

Hiring a Nonprofit CEO: 10 Things To Do First

The boards of nonprofit organizations make numerous decisions. Some are small and routine, like approving the minutes. Others, like setting executive limitations policies, have significant impact on the organization.  But the one big decision for nonprofit directors is hiring the CEO. Get this decision right, and nearly all the others fall into place. Get it wrong, and not much else will work.