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What Can We Do for You?

SCG Nonprofits helps the boards of nonprofit organizations govern with confidence, skill and intended results.

Let’s work together on:

Structure, Process & Policy

Agenda on boardroom tableAll good governance begins here. Many boards have inherited their current structure and process from an earlier era. Now is a good time to ensure that the design of your board supports the results you intend to achieve. If you are forming a new board, it is important to tailor the structure to fit your needs.

Board & Executive Director Succession Planning

The One Big Decision for Nonprofit Directors: Hiring the CEOSelecting a new class of board members and ensuring strong executive leadership may be the board’s most important decisions. What your board decides today determines much of what is possible for the next several years. Having director and CEO succession plans in place is essential to responsible governance.

Board Member Orientation & Training

Tutor with class of studentsEfficient onboarding helps directors perform at their best. The people you bring onto your board are motivated to do a good job. Let’s direct that motivation into advancing the work of your board, rather than figuring out how your board works. We can facilitate the orientation and training of new board members in their first year of service. In addition, we can provide ongoing updates for your directors in areas that support the board’s ability to govern.

As a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer, Russ White offers governance training for nonprofit organizations using BoardSource-approved curriculum in the following areas:

  • roles and responsibilities of nonprofit boards
  • board-staff partnership, board structure
  • board’s role in fundraising
  • the board-building cycle, and
  • board performance assessments


Strategic Planning you ask us to facilitate your strategic planning process, you free up your staff and directors to focus on the strategy rather than the process. We have a variety of planning tools to help your board align the work you do with the results you want.

Risk Assessments

How to manage the crisis that hasn't happened - yet.What could possibly go wrong? That’s the question we help your board answer. Preparing in advance for what could go wrong can help you lessen the impact of a crisis on the organization’s mission and money when it happens.

Depending on your needs, we work with you in person, by telephone or web conference.

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And What We Don’t Do . . .

There are some things we don’t do, because they fall outside the scope of our strategic focus. If you need assistance in one of these areas, then we are happy to refer you to professionals you may find useful:

  • CEO/Executive director search
  • Fundraising counsel
  • Enterprise software or web site development
  • Insurance for directors & officers
  • Tax, accounting, & audit services
  • Legal advice & counsel