On the Edge of Exceptional

It’s called a “Goldilocks Zone.” Planets have them. Sand dunes have them. NASCAR drivers, too. That narrow range between too much and not enough. Find it, and great things begin to happen.

What If Agenda Items Were Questions?

To help board members engage in decisions and focus discussions on governance, try framing all agenda items as questions.

Use Peer Mentors to Fast-Track New Nonprofit Directors

Boards are complex systems. Even for experienced board members, joining a new board involves a period of transition, orientation, and assimilation. There are two things that will help get those new directors quickly up to speed: a small handbook and a mentor. Here’s how to fast-track your new directors with peer mentors . . .

Hiring a Nonprofit CEO: 10 Things To Do First

The boards of nonprofit organizations make numerous decisions. Some are small and routine, like approving the minutes. Others, like setting executive limitations policies, have significant impact on the organization.  But the one big decision for nonprofit directors is hiring the CEO. Get this decision right, and nearly all the others fall into place. Get it wrong, and not much else will work.

Strategic Planning: Find Good Footing

For many nonprofits, following a strategic plan was like running track. Now it’s a trail run.