What Could Sink Us?

Young Hornblower did everything right — given what he knew. But he failed to get the key piece of data that might have saved his ship.

Enhance Board Productivity and Waste Less Paper

What do board members need to be effective? Here are five ways to enhance board productivity with less paper waste.

How to Deliver Bad News as a Nonprofit Board Chair

If a crisis puts the organization’s people, assets, or intended outcomes at risk, then major donors, clients, staff, or the community need to know. Here’s a simple outline of what to say.

Leading Through the Crisis That Hasn’t Happened—Yet

Off-balance. Unable to cope. Distressed to the point of impairment. A crisis is not the aggravating problem that erupts on Tuesday and the staff resolves by Thursday. A crisis is big enough to up-end the organization, and you can’t always see it coming. It may have staff, donors, and even clients questioning their ability or willingness to continue. Your board can prepare to lead through the crisis that hasn’t happened yet. Develop an emergency response plan that adapts quickly to whatever may come.